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A secure digital vault to let your family access your
financial data & make claims in a dignified manner.

What is EasyCap?

EasyCap is a platform designed to store all your financial details on a Mobile Application so that your loved ones can access what's rightfully theirs in an event of mishappening.

ZERO Knowledge Encryption

Everything on EasyCap is encrypted so that you get the safety that you need. We use zero-knowledge encryption to make sure your data is safe and inaccessible by anyone apart from you and the person you opt-in as your nominee.

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Zero knowledge policy
Memory Capsule
Safeguard your family
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How It Works?

Download the EasyCap application.

EasyCap is a free to use application that can be easily found on Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS users respectively.

Sign Up/ Registration

Enter your details and the OTP received on your mobile phone to create an account and continue using the EasyCap application.

Add Nominee

Enter the details of the nominee who you want to access your data in the future to make a claim.

Add your financial details

EasyCap allows you to enter the following information of the assets:
1)  Bank Account(s)
2) Insurance Account(s)/Policies
3) SIP(s)
4) Shares

You can add details of multiple accounts, policies and SIPs at absolutely zero cost.

Memory Capsule

You can record a video message and upload it on the application so that the nominee can access your message in the future while making a claim.

Make a Claim

If you are someone who is a registered nominee, you can follow the same signup process and make a claim easily by verifying your details.

By the people : for the people

EasyCap is a platform developed for any individual above the age of 18, who owns financial assets. You can easily register your family members as nominees so that they can get ahold of all your assets and claim their ownership in an event of a mishap.

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Store all your financial information at one place.
With EasyCap you can store any kind of financial assets that you have, right from bank accounts to insurance policies. This makes it easy for anyone making a claim to reach out to the authorities and ask for further claims.


EasyCap allows you to register one nominee who can access your details in the future. Any person who is a nominee has to create an account and verify his credentials before he gets to view any data on the application. Any person making a claim can also register himself and upload his data as per his/her own will.

Watch Video

Memory Capsule

Record a Video Message for your Loved ones: Because sometimes memories can value more than anything.

We often want to convey our feelings to the people we love but somehow do not muster the courage to speak up at that very moment. Life is uncertain and we should not waste any opportunity to tell how much we love a person. 

With EasyCap you can record and store free video messages on the application, which can be easily accessed by your family members when they make a claim. All your messages can be accessed all at once at the time of making a claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to this section for common queries and doubts.

Is EasyCap a free platform?

Yes, EasyCap is totally free to use for people across India. You can register yourself at absolutely zero cost.

What data can I store on EasyCap?

You can store details of Bank accounts, insurance accounts, SIPs and shares on EasyCap.

Is my data safe on EasyCap?

Yes, EasyCap uses zero knowledge policy which means only you and your nominee can access the details.

How many nominees can I add?

You can add one nominee however you can add multiple account details.

Can I change the details in the future?

Yes, EasyCap gives you the freedom to change or modify your details anytime after registration.

Do you provide personal claim assistance?

Yes, we provide personal claim assistance as well. You can contact us from the help section and our team will get back to you.